After the death of her husband, Mama Mujila (65), her son Koffi (34) and her daughter Thsala (30) are brought back together.

Through this painful experience, Koffi will be offered a way to reconnect with his mum who has been for long rejecting him. On their journey questioning a patriarchal society that Mujila fully embraces, the pair of timid outcasts Tshala and Koffi, will come across Paco (12), a Peter Pan like character, who lives by his own rules within his own parallel society, proud to be seen yet as another outsider and a feared sorcerer.

Avec Marc Zinga, Lucie Debay, Yves-Marina Gnahoua, Eliane Umire

Réalisation : Baloji / Image : Joachim Philippe / Produit par Wrong Men North & Tosala Films

En post production

Sortie prévue 2023